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   Custom Homes

      • Your specifications
      • Design assistance


      • Aesthetically constructed
      • Kitchens & baths
      • Living space
      • Decks
      • Porches
      • Fireplaces

   Kitchens / Baths
      • Design assistance
      • Quality materials
      • Ceramic tiles

   Custom Cabinetry
      • Entertainment Units
      • Furniture
      • Built-ins

   Custom Millwork
      • Clear hardwoods
      • Unlimited profiles
      • Match existing moldings
      • Affordable

How To Contact Us

Constantine Builders, Inc is a custom homebuilding service.  Joseph Constantine, Jr. is the owner of the business, and he is the builder of all the projects the corporation undertakes.  Because of the time and effort Joe puts into each project, we are limited in the amount and scope of jobs we can undertake at one time.  We therefore screen each contact carefully to be sure we are a good fit for the project, and that our methods of operation are understood before too much time is spent in preliminary work. 

Our standard procedure in setting up a project is to first brief the client as to how we function. 

Joe doesn’t work by the square footage system because each home he builds is so unique.  So he will actually meet with his suppliers and subcontractors to determine the actual cost of the project.  No guessing. This takes up to 40 hours of his time.  Depending on the project size, the cost of an estimate can run from $300 to $1500.  A quote is given to the client before the estimate is started.  If the client accepts the final cost of the estimate and the project goes into a contract, that cost would be folded into the overall cost of the project.  In the end, the client has an accurate cost of the project they want.

If the client agrees to proceed in this way, then a meeting is set up.  The first meeting, which is at no charge, will be a discussion of the project desired.  After explaining and answering all of the clients’ questions, a better understanding of the project is reached and a determination can be made as to whether to proceed with a contract.  If both parties feel there is compatibility, from that point on, until there is a contract, any additional meetings or estimates done will be charged to cover our time.

After reviewing the above, if you feel you would like to proceed, click the link for the Contact Form below and provide us with the information requested so we may contact you.  The link below for Standard Construction Specifications is a guide to help you understand how Constantine Builders, Inc constructs our homes. 


Constantine Builders, Inc., Upstate NY

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